Seeing the need for a venue that fit into the category of both rustic and elegant, the process of dreaming Cedar Canyon into existence became more than just a thought. One of the inspirations that continued to press on our minds was a book about vision. "Each of us must have vision. We must have dreams, vision for a greater and better tomorrow, and dreams for a brighter and more glorious future. The means of obtaining vision and dreams is to have a stronger faith, feel a purer love, live a better life, know a greater zeal for God's work, and be a more courageous witness for God. Nothing must ever kill our dreams."

Cedar Canyon is truly a dream come true. So much thought, hard work and love went into the design and structure of this building. Countless hours were put into each and every thought of providing the perfect backdrop for your special event. The efficiency of how the guests would flow from the main ballroom to the outdoor living and onto the overlook was key during the design process.

Family owned and operated on family land, we take pride in offering hospitality to each and every guest and we treat every event as if it were our own. Thank you for considering Cedar Canyon Events. We hope we are fortunate enough to oversee your special event!

Jennifer & Mandy